About us


We are a group of entrepreneurs building a bridge between growers and international markets ,we have established strategic business models to promote activities.
Our fruits are fresh,organic, plant based and fully complaint with Eu, The UK and other international regulations.

Natural, organic produce

Sustainable, ethical farming.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between growers and international markets, using new technology such as apps and smart phones to Cross check prices and anable growers learn more about trading.


At Ecomoja Foods, we take great pride in offering the highest quality, freshest produce available. All of our fruits and vegetables are carefully selected from local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices.

Transform your health with Ecomoja Foods

Your source for fresh, organic, and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. Shop now and discover the goodness of nature delivered straight to your doorstep. Join our community of health-conscious individuals and start living your best life today!
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